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Relays for windows

PostPosted: Sat Oct 28, 2006 2:53 am
by Bill
Hi Bill

I am a little late on this thread, you and I discussed the Tygon tubing
repair / adjustment on the S1 / S2 ex Austin taxi window mechanism a year

A couple of months back I dug into the problem as I was adjusting the door
hinge / fit on the drivers door. My window always "settled" a couple of
inches after a minute or two - this went on for over 40 years. I was going
to try your repair suggestion. On close inspection I found that I was able
to do an adjustment by bending the ears with a pair of vice grips on the
mechanism arms that have the notches to retain the spring, thus increasing
the tension and holding the glass up under vibration.

It worked like a dream, no more towel on my lap in the rain. It also was
apparent that the ears had been bent before, on original fitting at the
factory I assume, It looked to me that heat had been applied to assist the
procedure - watch the door skin.

Bend them out a tad and behold.

Keep your stick on the ice

Bill --- 26/0538 - 26/4834

PS: I thought I was Uncle Bill