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PostPost by: poiuyt » Mon Oct 09, 2006 8:03 pm

Got a recent problem with my 1969 S4 - doesn't always charge.

When I first noticed the problem the car would start fine, but the
charge light would stay on and the ammeter showed discharge. After a
few minutes of driving the light would suddenly go out and the car
would charge fine. As time went on the light would take longer and
longer to charge, sometimes never charging.

I opened the regulator and manually operated the relays - sometimes
this would work and sometimes not. The generator is working fine, I

I tried jiggling the two wires going to the generator and when I did
the car started charging. I noticed that the heavy wire went through
one of those in-line connectors about 6 inches from the generator and
this connection was loose. I pulled the wire and it pulled out of
the connector. I fixed this by cutting off the connector and
soldered the connection and the car is now charging.

However, the thin wire to the generator also felt loose and I found
that the male connector on the back of the generator where it
connected is loose. Is this normal, or should I pull out the
generator, take it apart and find out why it's loose?


Steve B.
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PostPost by: Fred Talmadge » Tue Oct 10, 2006 12:05 am

I can wiggle my connector a little but I wouldn't call it loose. I have had
the spade connection come off or be intermittent on several Lucas charged
cars. Sounds like it's the generator. You could replace the regulator and
see it that's the problem, but they are kind of expensive now I think. Makes
for a good spare part tho.

Fred S2
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