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PostPost by: "Masti, John A." » Mon Jul 03, 2006 5:24 pm

Anyone out there that has a Series 1 Elan with a chassis number around
3600. If so can you tell me what your unit number is or how it relates
to the chassis number. I can't read what is on my nameplate since it is
so corroded. I am completing the final touches of my restoration. Is
it the same as the works number. I know later cars had the same unit
number and chassis number

Another Elan has made it back on the road. I took it out for the first
test drive. It went fairly smooth but the carbs need some work. There
was some hesitation and the revs did not seem to go down when coming off
the accelerator when shifting. The cable seems long but I think it is
original. We tied it down but had to readjust the cable so it did not
increase the idle speed

"Masti, John A."

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