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BDR belt tracking-more

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I just reread your note about head or block being planned. None since my
ownership but who knows. I did not think about a misalignment in that
direction (horizontal); I figured off like a compass needle.


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Uh, Ken, wait a minute here? I thought I just heard within the last week
how the BDR was full of reliable HP and would solve all the problems of
our ancient Twinks!

You've obviously got a mis-aligned shaft somewhere. The first thing i'd
check are the idlers, both the fixed one and the adjustable one, cause
if it's one of the other shaftsthen it's probably big money to fix. If a
cam is not parallel to the crank, it means the head to block face or the
camcarrier to head interface is not parallel to the crank. Have either
the head or carrier been milled to clean up a warped condition or blown
head gasket?


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Do you know a GOOD shop to work on BD motors? I need some advice
work. My belt keeps tracking forward and eating itself. Please send
contact info if you know someone good.


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Well, my advice is to go to a shop where they do VOLUME twincam work,
just twinks on occaisions. Fail to heed my advice, friends, and risk
consequences of your shop of choice actually farming out the work
to someone you have not even met.

I had this extremely unpleasant experience several years ago with a
Sent it to one of the "really big" formula ford builders (with whom I
had a
good relationship, as I had purchased 2 national FF engines from the
recently and they were excellent). The finished BDA was a piece of
crap. <
4 hours of running time later, the flywheel shears off the crank,
considerable damage to the crank and destroying the flywheel. About
later, all was well. The FF builder, I suspect, had farmed out the
because the FF builder (based on my experience with him) would NEVER
used only 6 bolts to hold a flywheel on to a 12 bolt crank. Moreover,
the 6
bolts weren't the high strength ARP reduced head bolts made for this
- rather, they were garden variety allen bolts (full threads,
the problem), and were placed in alternate holes alongside 6 more
allen bolts turned down on a lathe to act as dowels in every other

No comp from the builder either.


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