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Subtle differences.

PostPost by: "Paul Adamson" » Tue May 30, 2006 9:49 pm

Now, I think this is a difficult question, if probably deserves a prize
for the correct answer (if any) but - unfortunately - there are no
prizes this time.

Does anyone know ..... what the differences might be (if any) between an
Elite/Eclat headlamp vacuum pod and those from the Elan/+2 range?

I have a suspicion that a DPO has fitted a modified Elan vacuum pod to
my Eclat.

I have three reasons to think that this might be possible

1) There looks to be two sets of mounts points for the spring at the
top (at 90deg to each other)
2) The stroke of the vacuum unit looks to be a few mm too short
3) He or she has bodged their was through the rest of the car, why
not screw up the headlamps as well?

Paul Adamson
"Paul Adamson"

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