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Minilites / Panasports for my S1?

PostPost by: "65 Lotus" » Fri Apr 07, 2006 2:23 am

Ok, I've been watching the Minilite and Panasport threads for a couple of years now, and after an unfortunate occurence last summer, I'm now ready for a set for my stock '65 S1. I understand the clearance issue with the lower A-arm bolts and the wheel well arches, and I know my original wheels are 13 x 4.5 and of the 4-bolt variety.

What I don't understand and could use some help with is:

1. What is the difference in Minilites and Panasports, and which brand do I want to buy for the best chance of fitting properly out of the gate?

2. Do I get to specify an offset and if so, what should it be?

3. Who should I contact who really knows what they're talking about to get this done properly. I'm in the states but certainly don't mind working with someone in England and paying a bit extra for the right product.

Thanks all, once again...

Scott in Ohio
"65 Lotus"

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