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Seriously Seeking Minilites

PostPost by: rodbean » Thu Apr 06, 2006 2:32 pm


I answered your email and it bounced. Maybe you have an anti-spam
setting that needs to be modified to accept my address.


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I would dearly love to have a set of, period correct, real live
magnesium, knock off/peg drive, Minilites for my S2. If anybody's got
some to sell or knows where I can get a set in the USA, the referral
would be greatly appreciated. Yes, I already know where to buy them
new, but I prefer old used stuff. thanks, Steve

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PostPost by: Rob_LaMoreaux » Fri Apr 07, 2006 12:13 pm

Rob, expand on your MIG work a little, please. Did you weld the pegs
into the hub? The cast iron hub? Or something else?

A friend turned up some pegs that were a little oversized in the area in the
hub, and after pressing them in we tack welded them on the backside of the
hub. Just enough to prevent them from moving. We all agreed the weld done
right would give just enough penetration to hold without weakening the area
around it, so a friend who is an ME, racer and expert welder did the actual
welding. I seem to remember he used the MIG because the Tig would heat up
too much around the weld, but it has been a while and my memory is foggy.

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