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Minilite wheels photo.

PostPost by: elansprint71 » Sun Apr 02, 2006 1:38 pm

Ha, got you, you copyright thief! :-) I refer to the photo of my Sprint
with the tree growing out of it, on your website. As a professional
photo-journalist I require that you reimburse me for this transgression,
the price being: one beer at the LeMans Classic!

Presumably you got the image from Minilite? I gave to to Don foc because
I was so pleased how the car looked when I fitted the wheels. I told him
to use it for whatever he wanted and it's turned up all over the place
including adverts and their last years calendar; it even pitched up in
club Lotus' magazine and I'm not a member!

Seriously, if you do publish images for any purpose (and I have been
guilty of this in the past) get a release from the copyright owner, some
folks get very litigious about this and the court will almost always
find for the owner, I know of folks who have made much more from a court
settlement than hey could have ever sold the image for!

See you at LM (if I ever finish this bloody re-wire).

Pete Taylor
Group 7 Photographics.
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