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Any Interest in Wilwood Front Brake Caliper Brackets?

PostPost by: Arno Church » Wed Mar 22, 2006 2:14 pm

Roger wrote:

I fully agree with Martin's evaluation. Before you buy the Willwood
calipers, watch someone bleed them or just look at the calipers under
pressure. They flex SO VERY MUCH! I also agree with the other comment
that you will have an unbalanced system, with most of your braking will
be on the front, that is until the front calipers start to seize up.
Remember that these calipers are sold as "racing" brakes and have no
dirt seals, only hydraulic seals. Willwood caliper pistons used to also
be very weak and I suspected them of flexing too. The pistons used to be
pressed steel, rather than machined from billet. Very thin!


I do not have a problem with thecalipers flexing and , yes , I use them
purely for racing. The pistons are now machined stainless steel billet
I will be fitting new seals sometime later this year, but up till now I
haven't had a problem with the seals being damaged by dust

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