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Hood Pins & Tow Hook - formerly TT Alloy Radiator

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Thanks you for the compliment. The car was used in vintage racing and so
has many 26R parts, including the wheels and KOs.

The aluminum hood pins are attached to fabricated brackets made of
thin-gauge aluminum. The brackets are rivetted to the corners of the
compartment. Tony Thompson attaches hoodpins to straight brackets screwed
into the narrow shelf at the back of the engine compartment. This places
the hood pins closer to center of the car. I thought pins at the corners
looked better. I will take a picture and email this to you.

The towhook is a welded "U" at the bottom of the crossmember. TTR's "26R"
style frames come like that. On my original frame, I simply strapped an
axle strap around the crossmember and led the end (with the ring) to the
front of the car, under the nose. To keep the front end from dragging, I
ran it through a small bungee cord attached under the nose. Very light and
effective, I liked that arrangement better than the welded "U."


1969 S4 DHC

PostPost by: sotul86 » Mon Feb 27, 2006 8:36 am

Regarding tow-hook and hood pins i have some pictures on my site with a
different solution...

have a look ... www.fullspeed.to/lotuselan

Best regards

Johan Thor?n


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