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Upgrading Headlamps

PostPost by: archigator » Sat Feb 04, 2006 6:02 pm

I swapped out my stock headlamps under a year ago, and replaced them
with Osram Halogen 60/55W bulbs. I haven't had them turned on much at
all, but I've heard that halogen bulbs can get hot although these
weren't the most powerful available. Today I took out one of my lamps
to upgrade the wiring pigtails, and I notice that the back of the
headlamp is blackend as if it has overheated. The headlamp sits inside
a stock metal cowl that has no opening for ventilation. (I also had the
original relays in place all this time, and just now upgraded to
modern, more powerful relays.)

Has anyone performed this lamp upgrade on their Elan, and have they had
a similar issue with heat?

'71 Elan Sprint rhd Coupe
Miami, FL
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