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S1 26R non adjustable wishbone question

PostPost by: pinsx3 » Thu Dec 22, 2005 4:03 pm

Below is a conversation with Tony Thompson regarding my Elan S1 wishbones.
For your consideration when purchasing. Pete

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From: Peter Steilberg
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I am kind of surprised at your response as fitment sure as heck did not
change the fact that they were constructed incorrectly. Those measurements
were taken with the wishbones off the car. As far as being ancient, though
they may be old, they have hardly been used.

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Dear Pete
I can offer 26R adjustable wishbones ( rear ) ?275 pair . I cannot take
ancient parts in part exchange , i did not fit them , after all this time i
cannot be certain of their use , fitment or origin . Sorry even Mercedes
Benz warranty is 3 years . The adjustable wishbones are less rose joints and

outer spherical bearings , cheaper for you to buym in the USA .


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Subject: S1 26R non adjustable wishbone question

Hey Tony:

I pulled my rear wishbones off, they are yours with the toe in.
the outer upright pickups, the front pick ups to the uprights are each 1/8
of an inch closer to the centerline of the car than the rear pick up
This amounts to a 1/4 inch toe-in at the upright without the wheels
installed and about 7/8 inch toe in overall with the wheels installed.

Am I mistaken or isn't that way too much toe in? Maybe there was a
manufacturing defect? What adjustable rear wishbones do you have and
how much are they? Would you take my wishbones on exchange?

I would love to call you on the phone, but we just had a little un and
she isn't fond of letting me get to work early enough to call. So
please forgive the email.

Happy Holidays

Peter Steilberg
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