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PostPosted: Tue Sep 13, 2005 3:50 pm
by Jimbo
First off, Your rings or valve stems are going south.
hence the smoke and oil burning. But what you are
experiencing is mild carbon monoxide poisoning. The
most common place for this to enter the cabin is
through the is the rear boot lid, rear light gaskets
or a breach in the rear body seals. I would also
check the shift boot seal and any of the body seals
for your accelerator cable, brake, etc. Any place a
object needs to go through the firewall to the
outside. I've seen this type of thing happen in
several cars especially ones that have had a rear end
accident and repaired by a less competent body shop.

... that after I come home from driving the S4 I smell
like fumes.
While I would never admit it to her, I sometimes feel
like I get a bit
of a headache after driving. The previous owner says
that the header
gasket is new. The vent pipe seems well sealed to the
block and air
filter. On start-up after leaving the car sit for a
week or so, I get
white smoke drifting out from under the engine and
into the footwells,
which seems to go away after a minute or so, but maybe
its the white
color that's going away, not the fumes. Any ideas of
what I can check?
Thanks. Dan '70 S4 SE