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Anyone with Zetec-Elan experience? This is how I would do it

PostPost by: garyeanderson » Tue Sep 06, 2005 1:24 pm

Why is not that important, in the United States, the Elan (not
plus2) is still more common than an Elise (but not for long). The
Elan is still relatively inexpensive and twincam are not. The Elan
can always be put back to stock if desired (not inexpensive but
certainly very
do-able). I would start with the SVT Zetec engine that Bob Layman
spoke of and would mate it with the stock elan gearbox using what
ever bellhousing that is most adapable, this would probably be the 70-
72 english bellhousing that came in the Ford Pinto equiped with a
1600 kent and make what ever mods that were needed for the Zetec
side. I would keep the elan 4 speed gearbox and get hold of the 3.54
or 3.55 differential for the slight overdrive that it offers over the
3.9. The front of the chassis (vacuum tank/crossmember) in front of
the engine would possibly need to be releived (a la Spyder). All of
the mods nessesary would be kept to the front of the Elan and would
probably live for a long time if it were not beaten to death by super
wide/sticky tires and drag strip type of starts. All of the above is
the simplest and least costly, if something did break, I would then
look into more mods to take care of it. I have it on good opinion
(mine) that 150 hp/130+ lb/ft torque twin cam in an Elan S2 lives
just fine.

Gary Anderson
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