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PostPost by: grat » Mon Aug 15, 2005 5:39 pm

With all this talk about wheels and while minds are still
pointed that way; I thought I would ask what wheel offsets people have
run on elans.
From Kiyoshi Hamai's article on the gglotus site about the
pansport wheel specs, he lists the offset as 29mm (~1.14")** which

from rough measurements off my stock steel S4 wheels (with old cruddy
tires mounted of inter-determinant tire pressure) that appears to be
Knowing the theoretical changes that can be inserted into
steering geometry by moving the centerline of the wheel
inboard/outboard from stock, steeling myself for all the Colin/Ron
wouldn't approve comments...

What offsets have people run on elans and to what effect?

My application is vintage racing. mounting 13"x6" wheels and
will be using TTR narrow dia springs...

** Since some use back-set measurements (even wheel manufactures) in
place off wheel offset, what _I_ mean by offset is distance from
mounting face to centerline of wheel (which is independent of the
wheel width). If my calculations are correct a 6" wheel would have a
back-set of about 4.4"-4.7", depending on wheel flange width, with
this offset.

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