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Subject: Re: Number plate

My 69 S4 SE came with a vinyl stuck on plate, black background with white

Keith Marshall

My 67 had a black aluminum plate with cast aluminum letters painted
white. But then it was from the Bahamas. I still have the origianl
rear plate intact. Used the letters from the mangled front plate to
attach to the front grill. The Florida plate sports the same original
registration numbers.

Mike "no real help" Geiger
66 S3 Coupe'

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Your car almost certainly left the dealer in 1970 with aluminium
plates with either silver or white raised plastic letters.

Pressed aluminium were the more "up market" and expensive

In my opinion the pressed plates look smarter and cleaner on the car.
They also look more "period" being the type fitted to cars for many

The decision would have been made largely on the type usually fitted
by the dealer unless the new owner expressed a preference.


Keith Marshall
69 S4 SE DHC RHD Original owner
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