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PostPost by: Gordon Sauer » Thu Jun 23, 2005 5:50 am

As much as gel coat is mentioned, has anybody actually regelcoated their
fiberglass before priming and topcoating? I just finished doing a sailboat and
did use gelcoat to resurface the old gelcoat, then primed and painted. Only
the paint went on as a spray, with the gel coat and primer nicely going on
using special, dense foam rollers designed for the application. I also
realized my +2S roof in the original silver flake/clear finish, done by a boat place
about six years ago, was done with gelcoat applied before priming and
painting. Regelcoating would certainly help some of the very mild crazing and
address the issues some people have raised about exposed glass fibers wicking
the paint. I realize the gel coating is no substitute for repairs to take out
all the stress cracks and all that work would have to be done as usual. I'm
not sure that the two pack primers and paints may be enough--the sailboat was
done with gelcoat, then two pack urethane primers and paints--all as
recommended by boat people and the various books on how to do it. From what I can
tell as I chemically stripped my +2 it was gelcoated and heavily primed prior
to the topcoat being applied. Gordon Sauer
Gordon Sauer
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PostPost by: "nebogipfel2004" » Thu Jun 23, 2005 5:41 pm

Franklin, I think you just have to accept that paint is a noxious
substance (regardless of type really) take as many precautions as
possible and go for it.

You could always 2K prime "out of doors" you do not have to worry too
much about dust and insect bodies in primer and provided there is
nothing for the overspray to stick to immediately down wind, you
should be OK just for a one off job.

Decent celly primer is OK if you thin it as little as possible and
give it plenty of drying time but it will not "hold out" like 2K and
you are putting cellulose solvents onto the glass - something to be
avoided if possible


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