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PostPost by: Rob_LaMoreaux » Mon May 09, 2005 1:02 pm

Coming home from an autocross yesterday the car was making a new noise. It
was there at steady speed, but not on acceleration or deceleration. When I
put it in the garage I needed to move it over so I pushed it and it wasn't
as smooth as it used to be. I jacked it up and the front wheel bearings are
good, but the rear end is not right. It feels like too much play in the ring
and pinion to me.

So I will be pulling the differential some time in the next few days if I
can get time in the midst of all the other things (less than 2 weeks to our

Since I am going to take the differential out, I think I will go back to the
open differential, and try to get a 3.55:1 ring and pinion.

Anyone have a 3.55:1 set or better yet a 3.55:1 set with carrier? Of course
depending on what I find when I get things open I may be satisfied with
another 3.7:1 ring and pinion.


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PostPost by: Rob_LaMoreaux » Tue May 10, 2005 1:31 pm

Well last night I went out and spun the rear wheels again and now they feel
fine. So I am thinking that it might be the bearings not the ring and

I'll try to drain the oil in the differential and transmission tonight to
see if there is anything in there, but I am wondering if there is any easy
way to determine which bearing it might be without taking everything apart.

Any suggestions?

Rob LaMoreaux

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