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experience with RS Motorsports in Closter, NJ; shock#spring

PostPost by: "scarthi" » Mon May 09, 2005 11:19 am

when i lived in mahwah n.j. i used rs.
i just whished they were near me down in south eastern north carolina where
i live now. 11 hrs is to much to drive a 41+ year old lotus for servicing
or to be worked on.
do not get upset by how clean there shop is. they are the best i found in
the north east. if you are going to go there make sure you get good
give my regards to ralph
gerry curtin s1 (red)
ps where do you live.

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shock#spring ques

Hi all,
I am considered having the shocks and springs replaced on my Lotus
Elan. Havent yet decided between Dave Bean AVO shocks with shorter
100+lbs sq inch spring setup or the original softer setup that my car
came with.

Im not sure how big of a job this is. Is it a do it yourself kind of
job or one best left to a pro. If its the latter, then was wondering if
anyone has experience with RS Motorsports working on their car. They
seem to be the closest to me. How much would a job like this cost?

Thanks in advance



69 Elan S4 DHC
and some other vintage vehicles

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