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experience with RS Motorsports in Closter, NJ; shock#spring

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Hi Tony,

Thanks for the info, I have sliding splined u-joint rear axles, and
one is actually already out, due to a broken u-joint. Can you
recommend a good book that details this procedure?



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Get the car up in the air ..I put jackstands under the sills about
1 foot

inform the wheel wells. I also put a 2X4 between the stands and the
car. Put

a jack under the bottom of the rear hub.gently raising the rear hub
till you

just start to remove the weight of the jack stands...but then back
off ..to

put the weight back on the stands. You remove the top nut on the

rod.and then you have to separate the donut at the brake disc. If

sliding splines..then put a ring of hose clamps around the donut
before you

remove it. This the toughest part of the job.

If you have a spring compressor..put it n the spring.that makes
this easier

and safer.

I have done this without a compressor..but watch out..that spring
it really

a missile if it gets loose. Then slowly lower the hub.keeping the
spring in

place with your hads..but again.WATCH OUT. and it will eventually
drop to

the level of the jack.and then you can pick the hub up by hand and
take out

the jack and lower it to the ground. By then the spring and shock
should be

able to "arc" out of the wheel well. You then have to remove the
shock by

turning the shock out of the tube. Very Very fine threads at the
top. I

have seen many a shock tube ruined.so be careful. If they are
originals..then there are springs and oil and stuff that must come
out of

the tube.then insert your new shock and reverse the procedure.
Don't forget

to safety wire the bolts for the disk.if it is CV's.

As for the fronts.they simply unbolt.. Take them to a Midas..or
some other

Muffler shop and have them put it on their spring compressor.and
replace the

shocks. I usually offer them $25 to do the job. Last time I did

guy nearly lost a finger. He was sorry he did it for me.

I know this is just glossing it over..but it is doable. The one
trick I

remember is the 3 bolts for the donuts that go through the
disk..only come

out in one place..right at 12 oclock. ..right in that "V" area.

Tony F


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shock#spring ques

Hi all,
I am considered having the shocks and springs replaced on my Lotus
Elan. Havent yet decided between Dave Bean AVO shocks with shorter
100+lbs sq inch spring setup or the original softer setup that my

came with.

Im not sure how big of a job this is. Is it a do it yourself kind

job or one best left to a pro. If its the latter, then was
wondering if

anyone has experience with RS Motorsports working on their car.

seem to be the closest to me. How much would a job like this cost?

Thanks in advance



69 Elan S4 DHC
and some other vintage vehicles

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