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chassis number vs VIN

PostPost by: elanplus2s130 » Mon Apr 04, 2005 5:28 am

I am very confused on two points regarding an Elan Plus 2:
1. location of plate with production details
2. chasis number vs VIN

Everything I have seen thus far, has the plate with the production
details in the engine bay on the drivers side near the firewall. Maybe,
all the cars I have looked at were built before 12/31/69. Because I am
looking at a car that was reportedly built in Feb 1970 and it has the
plate inside the driver's side door (on the body rather than the door
right next to the piece that the door latches to). Is this correct?

The other odd thing is that this plate has the following stamped on it:
VIN 500036N (it also has production date as 2/70). Now I understand
that the numbering scheme for chassis numbers changed in Jan 1970. So,
I was expecting something lik 70.02.xx.0036N. Am I mixing up chassis
and VIN numbers? If that is actually a VIN number on the plate, where
do I find the chassis number?

I apologize for the ignorance but I would greatly appreciate it if
someone could enlighten me. Thanks
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