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Caliper rebuilding

PostPost by: brassrngfm » Wed Mar 23, 2005 8:12 pm

It's Paul again - I was glad I split my calipers in half because there was
crud in the bores of some of my calipers. (There- avoided all use of the
words: "You should"!!!). Agree about the stainless. If you decide to split
your calipers, all I can say is that "I used my bolts over again". Cleaned
them up, primed the heads so that the caliper paint would adhere. When I
return to the States, I'll probably repaint them, as the (in retrospect)
crappy acrylic paint I used from the hardware store has not held up well.
Color match was real good for a year - but overall not worth it. Next time
I go for flame red urethane or maybe a nice turquoise or mint green or deep
purple. HA :-)
I'm in Geneva - Elan is in Cincinnati - and it's Spring in Switzerland. There's
some great roads over here. Could easily do some sliding around curves -
but if I miscalculated - they wouldn't find me till Spring! (guard rails
optional in some areas!)
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