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Illegal 356s

PostPost by: pinsx3 » Thu Mar 17, 2005 8:26 pm

True, about fast cars being called illegal, but the leaders in our group of
GTVs GTAs 2002s 510s etc are a group of 356 guys! I had a super 90 and it
had torque, but no way was it as fast as a 1750 GTV. Something is up when
356s are killing those other cars! Funny thing is, the fastest guy out
there is a 912! I actually respect that -- he turns B-sedan times! Amazing
underdog. There is one elan out there (Bill Hegy) who is keeping things
honest. The vintage rules are a real legal quagmire. For example: the
elan 26 is homologated for a dry sump, but the later elans and the coupes
are not! We have allowed that because they are so similar. We also allow
early midgets to prepare to 1969 spec. We allow drop nose Alfas to run
1750s- as long as they weigh in the same as a 1969. I suspect the 356s are
picking and choosing their years to their advantage. P
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