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PostPost by: "abstamaria" » Thu Mar 17, 2005 6:12 am

Dear all,

Roger Sieling and Martin Stuart have provided interesting reading on the
Eleven, for which I am grateful. I tend to forget historical details on the
old Lotuses, and am happy to be reminded.

It seems an Eleven would be more fun than a 23, because it can actually be
used on the road. Unfortunately, many are so highly tweaked now as to be
"track only" cars. I would like to have one if I could - Le Mans spec,
detuned Climax please.

Considering the heights to which musclecars are now being bid to, Elevens
seem almost too cheap.

Incidentally, would there be any interest in the Ecurie Shirlee 23? It is
in the Far East and should probably go to a US enthusiast.

Warm regards,


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