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Any very rich boys / what's original?

PostPost by: twincamracing » Wed Mar 16, 2005 3:16 pm

Just because its been used and its not 100% the same as it wobbled
out of the factory doesn't mean that its not what it says on the
Hey if anyone has an elan that 100% as it came out of the factory and
still running I'll eat my hat.....if you've changed a fuse...or a
spark plug..or a gasket......does that mean that nothing is
original...where do you start and where do you stop........

howdy, i think most would agree this example may be correctly restored
to original specifications...this does not make it an original example,
it makes it a restored example. it appears to have been restored to a
higher standard than when new.

i find a substantial difference between a well maintained original
example where the surfaces have the patina of nearly 50 years and a no
expense spared let's make it better than new restoration.

my opinion is a machine accurately restored to original specifications
will still have the wave in the fibreglass, spots of orange peel or
overspray, whatever, and will be done so as to look as if it were a
very nice example of a 50 year old machine not a freshly turned out,
slicker than period technology allowed, brand spanking new old car.


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