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Help with Electronic Speedo from GB

PostPost by: Briggs1 » Sat Mar 12, 2005 5:19 pm


I purchased a Stewart Warner Instruments Ltd. electronic Speedo from Richard
Banks at Europa Engineering a few years ago.

I am trying to install but the directions sent with it were rough at best
and printed on antique thermo fax paper and have since faded severely (no
longer legible).

I called Stewart Warner here in the states for help and they basically
laughed at me and told me that the English Stewart Warner Instruments Ltd.
was a different company and since defunct.

I need a set of instructions so I can tell how fast I'm going when I get my
speeding ticket. :-)

Can anyone in GB assist? Model is a SW FSD0284, Serial # 12364903 build
date 17/12/98.

I realize this is a stretch but internet searches have turned up empty.

Thanks a million, or at least few hundred (cost of speedo)..


Briggs Pletcher
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Second Gear
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PostPost by: "Clivey Boy" » Sun Mar 13, 2005 10:18 am

You say you have contacted Stewart Warner. Have you tried Richard Banks? If
he is still selling them he will have instructions or remember how to wire
them up. Richard is a very approachable fellow and usually vey helpful.
"Clivey Boy"

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