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Removing Tubing, now bike carbs.

PostPost by: davidallen » Tue Mar 01, 2005 8:40 am

Bogg Brothers in East Lutton, North Yorks are recognized in the UK as the
experts in fitting bike carbs. They do a lot of work for racing/hill
climbing and reckon the performance gain is impressive.

The technique involves fitting all 4 carbs (!) on a hand built manifold.

Don't know if they have worked on a twin cam!


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Whit or others,

I sold my Europa a few yeas ago with its Stromberg carbs. My plus 2 has a
BDR with Delorrto's so this discussion is irrelevant to it.

Has anyone ever pulled off the Stromberg carbs off and simply installed two
motorcycle carbs, Nikuni or equivalent. Bikes do some awesome things with
carbs, flat slides or barrel; slides? I think Nissan prep shops put bike
carbs on cars.



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Chris, the crossover tubes can be removed and freeze plugs inserted
in the AL secondary throttle bodies. I also removed the butterfly
plates and shafts and plugged the shaft bores. One can also purchase
a high-balance tube manifold. I went another step further on one of
my Europa's, I removed the secondary throttle body completely and
heliarched an AL, 5/8" ID, tube across the branch manifolds and
mounted the carbs to the four bolted flange. I have never foam the
fuel in the bowls yet, 3 years later.

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I have a federal Plus 2 with the stromberg emissions carbs and
crossover tubing. I have read that the engine will be much more

responsive without the crossover tubing. Does anybody have any advice
regarding removing this piece of the equipment?


'72 Plus 2

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