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PostPost by: richboyd » Sat Jan 08, 2005 6:49 pm

Lots of wisdom pouring forth. I love it. The best (in my opinion) was
attributed to Rohan:

"... improve it with modern items, but do not chop it up."

Also appreciated:

"... why have an old car without all the old car stuff. You're
missing out on have the fun.

"The Elan is a design classic."

"NOTHING handles like an Elan."

Finally, my observation about Steve's:
When the Elan was designed most sports cars had solid
axles, leaf springs, pushrod engines, drum brakes, and weighed 2000
pounds plus.

American cars are just now leaving this era of crude vehicles (leaf
springs, pushrods, etc.), but managed to push way past that 2000 pounds.
Steve was saying that a one ton car was fat in the sixties. Today that same
weight is lower than the lightest cars, regardless of origin or intent.
Sad. The Elan's most important asset is its low weight, from which many
other great attributes issue. Viva the lightweight Elan.

Rich Boyd
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PostPost by: lotuselan2 » Sat Jan 08, 2005 10:31 pm


Anyone dare a comparison with a Mk I XKE?

If Chapman thought his design was so good, why did he make each one
different? He kept finding lower cost parts. Back about 20+ years ago the
Spanish customs decided they needed to know the value of all the F1 cars,
parts, tools, etc. coming into the country for the GP. Colin could tell
them what every nut and bolt cost. Ferrari just shrugged their shoulders,
"who knows?" and "we never ask".

Although I have owned three Lotus to date, I own them because of value for
money. Design great, execution questionable.

+2 with BDR and lots of other "upgrades" like a kick as stereo that fits in
place of the original glove box
'69 Lotus Elan +2 with Cosworth BDR
'84 Ferrari 400i
'94 Subaru SVX
'04 Audi allroad
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