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Lotus in top 10 cars & valve clearance

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Land Rover is owned by Ford.

On the subject of shims, the guys who installed the new valve seats
cut them a little to deep. I had a few thou taken from the underside
of the cam followers, so that I could get shims that were thin enough.
I did take a thou off a couple of the shims on a oil stone but don't
recommend it as it takes forever.

Steve (1968 +2)

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The only thing letting the top 10 down is the inclusion of some

re-cycled washine machine painted usually in 'tart' red and with a

mule on the front......ah well.....
4 brits, 4 germans, 1 yank and 1 plate of pasta.......its a fair
spread.......although not strictly true, but I was going for the
original country of origin and ownership
The list I suppose now reads
1 Ford
2 Porsche Aktiengesellschaft
3 DRB-Hicom (protons parent company)
4 DaimlerChrysler
6 Ford
7 VW/Audi
8 Range Rover.....mmmm....owned by land rover...owned by

by??..about to be chinese
9 DaimlerChrysler
10 Ferrari/Masserati group owner by Fiat

That makes it 4US, 3 german, 2asian and 1 italian......where did it


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Its official. Lotus is a cool car and attracts the opposite sex. I

just been reading the MSN website and they did a survey of the 10
cars for men to drive to attract women.
Who would have thought that a 30 year old rust bucket in need of
would be a "babe magnet".
I am just off to find that bottle of Brut or High Karate aftershave

hidden for special occasions.

Results are below:-

Top 10 Most Sexy Cars

1. Aston Martin
2. Porsche
3. Lotus
4. Mercedes-Benz
5. BMW
6. Jaguar
7. Audi
8. Range Rover
9. Jeep
10. Ferrari

Top 10 Least Sexy Cars

1. Citroen 2CV
2. Reliant Robin
3. Skoda
4. Lada
5. Trabant
6. Rover
7. Lexus
8. Ford Mondeo
9. Daewoo
10. Hyundai

Source: Tesco Personal Finance - survey of 4,500 women by 72 Point,

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