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Black badge origin - rediscovered information

PostPost by: "Stan Aarhus" » Fri Nov 05, 2004 9:20 pm

Hi Roger

45/7334 came with one SE badge in the box of parts


Does anyone know of a service that can repair or re-enamel the nose badge, either the yellow or the black one? I've been looking under "cloisonn?" and enamelware with no good results so far. Has anyone ever researched theequivalent Pantone number for the Lotus yellow used in the nose badge?


"Stan Aarhus"

PostPost by: "Roger Sieling" » Fri Nov 05, 2004 9:23 pm


Sounds like a normal S3 if it has toggle switches. A very close friend of mine owned 45-7450 back in the late 80s-early 90s. It was a bolt-on wheel S3car, which is often a SS indicator, but the only other SS feature it had was the plastic swinging interior door pulls and no provisions for the chromed door pull on the window frame. It had normal, protruding S3 interior door handles, toggle switches and normal S3 lift-up pivoting seats (SS are anchored to the floor at the rear like S4, but low back seats), single circuitbrakes and no bonnet bulge. Go figure. Seems like someone on the list hada SS that dated back to 45-72xx. Although I have never seen one, I have heard of SE/SS cars having features, and supposedly, badging of both.

Oh, and BTW, I have a friend who may be looking for a project S3 Elan in the near future. Do you have any others you want to part with?


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Hi Roger

45/7334 came with one SE badge in the box of parts, it also had
SE cams, had toggle switches and a brake booster. The engine # is
LP8824LBA and body # 6821, I think - it is slightly illegible. It was
a $3000 Elan out of the Buffalo, N.Y. area that I got near Corning,
N.Y. The owners name on the 1981 registration was Derek Woollatt from
Orchard Park, maybe Tony Vaccaro knows him. This Elan had three of
the 4 corners of the chassis broken and only the fiberglass holding
the wheels and suspension on. I saw someone on ebay trying to sell an
Elan with the same VIN 5 years ago in Pennsylvania, Mike Braun tried
to contact the seller after I emailed him a Scan of the VIN tag and
registration and the auction was pulled. I am not sure what the real
story was though. This car is still in many pieces but I don't think
it was a SS.


--- In ***@***.***, "Roger Sieling" <[email protected]> wrote:
Hello Finn,

My only contact w/ the previous owner of your car was in trying to
get a good copy of the manual supplement that you did for me. I never

complained about the quality of that document, but I was hoping it
would have been better than it was. Any chance I could get you to do
a better copy or a scan before you let go of the car. SS models are
pretty rare so I don't see a big rush for someone like Dave Bean to
reproduce them. If Gary Anderson's 45-73xx is also a SS, I'll bet
he'd like a nice copy too.


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