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Spyder new rear seat belt system for the +2

PostPost by: Tim Dafforn » Wed Oct 13, 2004 8:29 am

Hi all,
Since my reason to my wife for selling my spitfire and replacing it with
a +2 (rather then spending the cash on the house) was that we could
carry the two kids (1yo 'n' 3yo), it has come to the moment where I need
to fit rear belts for them..
My first thought was to use the exising rear belt mountings for new lap
straps and use them to secure kiddie seats, problem is the modern kiddie
seats are huge and don't fit...
Then at last years Lotus parts fair I saw the prototype of spyder's new
rear seat belt system...
Looks good and allows the use of full six point harness (perfect for
restraining a strong willed toddler)...
Rang Spyder up yesterday, and it all seems pretty reasonable to fit..
Just wondered if anyone on the list has fitted one in the last year and
has any thoughts on them
Thanks for the help

Dr Tim Dafforn
MRC Fellow
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT
(0121) 414 5881
Tim Dafforn

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