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Seattle to Louisville then to Buffalo...stopped in KC...

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maybe there is a difference in quality between the cheap aftermarket pump
and the expensive original unit ?
Which one did you put in your car ?

The water pump (and several other things) lives longer if the car is used

Munich, Germany
71 Elan Sprint fhc rhd


Did the pump sieze up or was it just losing water so fast you couldn't
keep up w/ it. The reason I ask is: I drove my Elan to the last Log in
Cleveland, maybe LOG18 or 19. I had picked up Jon Rosner at Port Columbus
and we were enjoying a nice drive up to Cleveland. As we came down the
exit ramp I noticed a bit of steam so we stopped immediately. It was empty
and adding water couldn't be put in fast enough. We finally waited 'til
the traffic light was timed just right, closed the bonnet and took off and
luckily the LOG headquarters hotel was less than a mile away. We arrived
in a cloud of steam and I shut off as we pulled in the drive. It sat there
in the lot the rest of the weekend and another Lotus Ltd friend loaned me
his Elan to get home and he took mine home on his trailer. Earl Myers had
trailered to the event so he could bring stuff to sell. We met the next
weekend at Mid-Ohio and traded cars on trailers.

When I took it apart, I found the rubber/ carbon seal had failed
catastropically. The rubber had split and this was a pump rebuild that
didn't have many miles on it from about 2 years earlier. That rubber seal
was different from any other I'd ever seen and I kept it so I would never
use one like it again if I ever found another.

A bit of irony here. I had brought the parts identifier contest with me
and my theme was rubber parts. Now I had another FAILED rubber part to add
if I were to ever do it again.


>>> ***@***.*** 10/11/04 11:52:51 AM >>>

Hello all...

Just an update to all you you...I appreciate all the help..

Driving the Elan Sprint (1972) from the west coast to Louisville was
a great idea and driving through Montana...Yellowstone...Grand
Tetons..was unbelievable fun..but the car now sits in Kansas City
with a blown water pump. We drove 2000 miles..and only had 550 miles
to go..when the water pump just gave out.

Dont mean to put a plug in here...but as a Lotus Ltd. member...I
just took out my roster..looked at the closest person in the "help
network" and called him to see if I could have the Elan towed to his
house. Mike Roberts (an Elan S1 owner..and has an Elise on order as
well)...was great and allowed me to put my elan in his garage...he
even put his DeLorean out in the driveway.

I will have the car transported back to buffalo by the guy that I
was supossed to meet in Vegas...so it is really no problem. We
rented a car in kansas city and drove all night to Louisville..
(where my brother lives) and I will fly home to buffalo tonight. I
will post pictues later in the week...on www.lotusowners.com

My question to all now..is....

WATERPUMP. I replaced this water pump about 10 years ago...only
about 10K miles ago as I recall. this is the third one since I first
bought...then sold...and now rebought this car.

Dont mean to be harsh here..but I DRIVE my cars..and if a car cannot
be made reliable...I am just not going to keep it. The belt is
loose...I had the pump installed at a machine shop..what else do you
need to do to make this a part that will not break.

I know bean makes a new front cover with an outside pump...but it is

I will have to take a long long look at this...

Tony Vaccaro

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