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Sandown Historic Meeting 2016

PostPosted: Mon Nov 07, 2016 10:43 am
by rgh0
The Elan ran well as always :D and the driver left a lot to be desired as usual :( . A few photos attached.

I had an MGB blow its engine and blind me in a cloud of oil smoke at close to 200 kmh down the main straight. I was lucky not to run up its rear end as I was totally blinded and it reappeared through the smoke straight in front of me and only about 5 meters away going slowly :shock: luckily I had backed off and was able to steer around it

One of the Alfas you see behind me in the photo I also thought blew an engine as it disappeared in a cloud of smoke soon after the photo was taken. Turned out that a rear suspension link broke and it was the tyre rubbing on the body that created the smoke cloud. He was very lucky the final failure happened on the straight not on one of the many Sandown corners with zero run off area.

The rear main oil leak is getting worse and also a new leak from what I think is a crack in the top left corner of the front chain cover. Time for a new engine I think. Love it when I can justify a new engine build and can try a few more experiments in build design details even if my bank account struggles with it :lol:


img_20161107_0001.jpg and

img_20161107_0002.jpg and

img_20161107_0004.jpg and

Re: Sandown Hisroic Meeting 2016

PostPosted: Mon Nov 07, 2016 10:55 am
by rgh0
Those with sharp eyes may notice a slight change in the rear of the car with the paint looking newer !!!!

I had a quick repair and repaint of the rear of the Elan done in the last few weeks. This was the result of an accident in my driveway where accidentally drove my daughters car that I was servicing into the rear of the Elan ... yes it a long and embarrassing story

Many thanks to Alan Pettet and his team at Brighton Panels who first painted the car for me in 1981 for the rapid crack repairs and painting and Shannons Insurance for rapidly processing the claim - I was just going to stick it together with some race tape as I did not think I could get it finished in time for Sandown. Also thanks to Steve at SJ Sports cars for getting me two new rear lights delivered quickly. Just missing letters T and U and S for the boot now


Re: Sandown Historic Meeting 2016

PostPosted: Thu Nov 24, 2016 12:17 pm
by SJ Lambert
We've all done it Rohan, bravo for fessing up!!!