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rear antiroll bar

PostPost by: msd1107 » Mon Apr 11, 2016 11:51 pm

Different front ARBs and rear ARBs can be used to adjust the front/rear and overall roll stiffness and give you the handling behavior you desire..

In general:

If the overall spring rate is too high, you can decrease it and keep the roll stiffness the same by going to stiffer front and rear ARBs and softer springs.

If you have too much over steer, use a stiffer front ARB. If you have too much under steer, use an appropriate rear ARB. If that creates over steer, add more front ARB.

If you have not previously used a rear ARB, adding one often gives you over steer, compensated for with a stiffer front ARB.

A road car can maintain the same roll angle when going to high performance tyres by increasing roll resistance by using a larger front ARB and adding a rear ARB.

As others have noted, getting the right tyre pressure and front/rear differential, the right front ARB stiffness and using or not using a read ARB can often be a complicated process with no clear optimum. Different drivers may want different setups. And, different courses may call for different roll setups.

No clear answer. Run what makes you feel good or gives the car feel and speed that makes you happy.


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