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PostPost by: Greg Cozier » Wed Oct 07, 2015 12:50 pm

FIA App.K VII states:

The ROPS must be of the type formerly certified for Safety Devices (E01X,
from 1993), for Sassa Roll Bar SAS (from 2000), for Andy Robinson
Race Cars (MSA Certificate No. 15/2415, from 2015) and for Custom
Cages (MSA Certificate No. 15/2435, from 2015) or of a construction
and mountings that are at least similar and certified by an ASN after
approval by the FIA (in accordance with the provisions of Article 1.2.1.d
of Appendix VI to Appendix K).

I've always had welded cages in my cars since 1992 and all but one have been Custom Cages so I asked them to send me a copy of the homologation form and some pictures.

It seems neither rollcage has a dash bar, something I'm not comfortable with in a steel car and definately not comfortable with in a plastic bullet, especially since the steering column is also mounted to plastic.

I recently had a Group4 Escort RS with a SD welded cage which did not have a dash bar nor any of the body tags present on their traditional bolted cage so I paid for SD to apply to the MSA for a rollcage amendment for both. This was granted and the cage modified accordingly.

CC say they are willing to do the same thing. I'll send my rolling chassis to them to have the homologated cage fitted. The steering column will be in place so they can weld the dash bar at the right level and weld brackets to the steering column. The dash bar will bend forward from the a-pillar bars to run behind the dashboard which will then be notched to slide into place and cover it.

I posted this just in case someone is contemplating a new rollcage.

Greg Cozier
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