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Re: Mallory Park 2/10/10

PostPosted: Tue Jun 12, 2012 6:39 pm
by 1558cc
All in all a fantastic time had. He qualified 12 out of 19 for the first race, with a time of 2.33. The times were a bit inconsistent but the aim was just to get through it safely and have fun; he finished the race in a very commendable 12th. Second race was much more fun! Following a slightly delayed reaction at the start, he dropped back a few places; however the safety car was deployed on the second lap so the field bunched up, leading to some enjoyable close action and two very easy overtakes, then a great chase with the 11th place Midget ending with our times quicker than his (one more lap, and he'd have been gotten :P). Anyway, his PB at Snetterton increased from 2.37/8 to 2.32, a rewarding achievement and impressive performance for the first time properly racing! So here is the footage of Race 2 for 70's Roadsports from the HSCC meeting a Snett this last weekend (part 2 uploading soon!):