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Frame Modifications II

PostPosted: Tue Apr 07, 2009 11:07 pm
by jkolb
Here are the rest.

All additional metal was 14 ga other than plate under front crossmember which was 12 ga.

I will post additional photos when I get the frame back from the powdercoaters.


Re: Frame Modifications II

PostPosted: Wed Apr 08, 2009 1:26 pm
by cabc26b
Hi Jerry

Those mods look very familiar -

If you are planning to run with loto-cones at the top of the struts you will need to trial fit ( slot gussets and grind flange) best done before the powder coating. I think you are ok with the sperical bearing type top mounts ,but now's the time to check.

I wish I had re-placed / welded the brake pipe tabs along the center box when I plated that area -

Could not tell from the photo's but if you are still going to run the fuel line in the spine, make sure you have the egress up front figured out , I had to rework that area and ended up using -6 aeroquip bulkhead fittings - had to enlarge the original holes.

What has your experience been with racing an elan with a rear anti-roll bar ?

Are you worried about debris entering the holes in the plating ?


Re: Frame Modifications II

PostPosted: Thu Apr 09, 2009 12:56 am
by jkolb
I will probably go with solid rear mounts, but I ground my lotocones to fit anyway to make sure I could get them in. Needed to use socket head cap screws instead of the standard bolts, but the lotocones, though tight, will fit.

I put nutserts wherever I will be putting tabs for the brake lines. Main front to rear line will run in the spine. I wanted to get it a little further from the exhaust.

I have provided for the fuel line to run in the spine, but I may move it inside and use aeroquip stainless hose from the pump in the rear. The thought of a broken u-joint and a flailing prop shaft against a fuel line is not a pleasant one.

One of the reasons that I drilled all the holes was to allow the powder coater to coat all of the internal surfaces. Any debris I pick up can just be blown out with an air hose.

I have not used a rear bar, but wanted to make provisions for one before getting the frame coated. This way I can install a bar without removing the body or doing any more welding.